Monday, June 30, 2008

Wall-E & Stanford Bookstore

I saw Wall-E last night with KiYonna! It was sooo good. In fact it's amazing to think of how convinced I was of this robot romance, even though the robots only said "Wall-E", "Eva", and "Directive". Seriously - it's very well done and I highly recommend it. Also, for Palo Alto locals, we went to the pizza/italian place across the street from the Shoreline Theater and it was pretty good! You can get a yummy and good-sized slice of pizza for about $5. It was a great way to kill time before our movie.

Also, wanted to do a misc. mention that I went to the Stanford Bookstore last week, so that is now crossed off on my list of things to do. I probably spent more money than I should have on a Sweatshirt, Basketball T-Shirt, Hat, Putter Head Cover, plus a new shirt for my brother and a driver head cover for my dad. But, I needed some new gear (one of my Stanford sweatshirts was purchased in 2002), especially since I won't be back at Stanford for awhile.

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