Wednesday, April 14, 2010


It's been awhile! I thought I'd post the pictures I've taken lately to describe how I've been doing. These pictures are somewhat out of order, and I'm not in very many, but they are descriptive.

In March, Curtis and I went to the Pac-10 tournament semifinal, because (shockingly!) both of our teams are playing. Of course, they lost, but we had a fun Friday date night. We even got to see a friend that we went to high school with who played baseball at Stanford!

As per tradition, my dad and I dyed eggs on the night before Easter. Believe or not, but those are actually brown eggs that we dyed, and they turned out pretty cool! Unfortunately, we forgot to hide them the next day for my little cousins to hunt, but at least we kept up the tradition. When asked by my mom how much longer this tradition would go on, I basically said that my dad will never be off the hook, he will be dying eggs with my children someday :-). Otherwise, Easter was a nice time, got to see a lot of family that I hadn't seen in awhile and it was pretty fun.

Yes, we tried out the iPad on opening day! We were eating breakfast at the Grove and decided to check it out before we ate. The place was packed but the gadget is pretty cool. I'm seriously considering a purchase later this summer of the 3G version... but I also want a new iPhone so we'll see...
My mom and I went to see Syracuse play (and LOSE!) in the Sweet 16 in Salt Lake City! It was an awful game, but we had a really nice time in the city, and I got to see 2 of my sisters-in-law and my nephew! So, it was a really nice time away from home in a nice hotel and great company.

My dad and Curtis made Caramel Crème brûlée - it was delish. I think the favorite part for them was the blow torch.
Curtis' parents redid Curtis' old room at their house and it looks soo nice. Curtis stayed there while I was in SLC. We had to take pictures for the rest of the fam.

Curtis and Louis are taking the GMAT next week! They are actually in class tonight. I will be very happy when they finish, since it has taken over our lives. But, I'm so thrilled for them that they have taken this step. I can't wait to hear how they did (GMAT gives you your score as soon as you finish)
Lastly, this is the view from my office on a rainy day. My externship comes to an end in 2 weeks, and then I will have a month off before I start my summer job. I'm still trying to decide whether I should try and do something with that much time, but the jury is still out. Perhaps a trip is in store? I'll admit that I am now ready to be done, and am looking forward to my last year of school, ever.

If you're keeping score, our wedding anniversary is almost a month away! We're actually going to be in the bay area that weekend for a wedding, and so we will celebrate our anniversary by going to Stacks in Menlo Park and then hanging out in the Stanford area. It's going to be a nice time together before we are apart for 10 weeks while I am working in Menlo Park.

Anyway, have a good weekend! I'm off to the Bay Area on Saturday to see the Stanford Spring Game at Kezar Stadium. Hopefully I'll have pictures to share when I get back.