Monday, January 18, 2010

Recap of Christmas Break

Happy New Year!

Here's the rundown of my Christmas Break:

1. Lady Gaga at the Nokia Theater:

We LOVED this concert. Lady Gaga is one of the few musical acts that both Curtis and I enjoy. We went with Tracy & Nancy, and had such a fun time. Ever since the concert, we're constantly listening to Gaga on our iphones and recently watched her on Oprah, which was great.

2. Christmas in Oceanside/Mission Viejo

Charlie got a Snuggie for Christmas from Santa!

We had a very busy but fun Christmas. Unfortunately the Eve started with my poor allergies so I was sleeping all day until we drove down to Oceanside for the church service. Afterward we have Pizza with the entire family and bunked at Grandpa's house. In the morning we made breakfast and exchanged gifts.

We returned to Mission Viejo and Curtis & I ran around the lake, and ended up meeting up with both Adelyn & Ed and Nick and his mom, which was really fun. We returned home and had Christmas dinner on our wedding china and opened gifts.

The days following Christmas had me doing some last minute shopping for my gifts and meeting up with friends. We came back to LA on the 29th so I could leave for El Paso, TX on the 30th for the Sun Bowl.

3. Sun Bowl, Stanford v. Oklahoma, Dec. 31.
This was so fun! Tracy and I flew together from LAX to El Paso and met up with Juls at the airport. It was neat to see so many Stanford fans at the airport. The next morning we took the city bus to the game :-).

Thanks Tracy for the picture!

The tailgate was typical Stanford - excellent, and we had a good time at the game, even though we lost. We were so happy to see Angel, who drove across the country from North Carolina to go to the game. After the game, I immediately dashed out the stadium to get on a bus to go to the airport. I got home around 10 pm that night. That night Curtis and I finished packing for our Honeymoon and toasted the New Year with Cider.

4. Hawaiian Honeymoon
On January 1st, we flew to Hawaii! We arrived around 2pm and were excited to be in paradise for the next week. We purposely didn't do much while we were there, other than go to the pool, gym, spa, and watch football. It was just a fantastic trip.

Picture from the Luau

I hope to have more to say in the coming week, with more pictures.

Happy Monday!