Friday, May 7, 2010

Done with 2L!!!

When I started this blog, I was starting the application process for law school. It's amazing how time flies. Since that time, I

- got engaged
- got into law school
- decided on a law school
- left work
- started law school
- got Obama elected (lol)
- got married
- worked 1L summer
- started 2L year
- externed at the Ninth Circuit

Ahead of me, I have
- work 2L summer
- get a job offer (I hope)
- (possibly) apply for clerkships
- start and finish 3L year
- Graduate!!!!
- Take the bar
- etc., etc.

I've always wanted to go to law school and become a lawyer, so I'm very excited that I am one year and (hopefully) one bar exam away from finishing my goal. While my final today did not go as well as I hoped, I felt really prepared and am generally happy to be done. At this point, I'm ready to start my summer job in Menlo Park on June 7th. In the meantime, I plan to do some casual reading, lose some weight, and get my life organized for the next phase.

Have a good weekend :-)

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Changes to the Blog

As you can see, I'm trying out a new blog template. The old Blog Background that you can find on the web are not yet compatible with the new Blogger layouts, but I think this background is pretty and calm.

I added 2 photo albums on the side - if you click on them, they will open a new window with pictures from our wedding and honeymoon. They aren't very well-edited yet so keep that in mind.

Finally, I temporarily changed by Blog URL to match my email: ChristineHardingHart.blogspot . The problem is, no one will be able to find my blog unless they get the new URL from facebook or from me directly! So, it will remain ChristineEHarding for now until I come up with an alternative.

My final exam is tomorrow, I better get back to studying. Have a good weekend!