Sunday, October 27, 2013

A Very Philly Weekend

Despite the fact that I caught a cold/flu/whoknows on Thursday, Curtis came down Friday night for the weekend, and is now on his way back to Virginia with our doggy.  This marks the first time I'm in Philly without him, only for two weeks, but will certainly be different. 

We ended up having a really nice weekend.  Stay tuned for part of it (hint: it involves pictures), but for now I will focus on the food, since we checked two restaurants off the list of those I wanted to try.

Curtis described it as "hipster BBQ" which is probably about right.  Nevertheless, the food was priced well and tasty, we were able to watch the first quarter of the UCLA-Oregon game on a TV there, and we got a few dishes for free for our "wait," which wasn't long. 

Here's the rundown of what we got: 

Deviled eggs (on the house) 
Skillet Cornbread (on the house)
Macaroni and Cheese - delish

BBQ Fries with Chopped Brisket - also delish
Pulled Pork (me, delish) 
Burger (Curtis - "pretty good")
Chocolate-Banana Bread Pudding with Cinnamon Ice Cream (Curtis - "ok")
Root Beer Float (me - delish) 

Suffice it to say, I'm looking forward to eating leftovers tonight.  Not quite Alabama BBQ, but tasty. 
Next? Brunch at Jones

Styled as an old-school diner with a modern twist, Jones is one of many "Starr Restaurants," by a local restaurateur, who has several restaurants, all with different themes (I think I've been to four of them so far, The Dandelion, Talula's Garden, and Frankford Hall, and they are all fun)

Again, good meal.  We started with their famous Monkey Bread, which was yummy and warm: 

Then I had the egg sandwich with tater tots (which was just okay), and Curtis had the French Toast, which looked cool and tasted good.

Overall, a yummy weekend :-) 

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

5 Things I love about City Life (so far)

In no particular order:

1.  The WALKING.  Okay, so I might come to regret this once we get freezing temperatures, but I average 2 miles per day of walking every workday.  I still wake up in the morning with significant stiffness and pain, and the first couple of weeks were really tough (also because it was 90 degrees), but getting that much exercise in before even stepping foot in a gym is great.  And now that the temperature has finally gone down, it's actually tolerable. Once Kenny leaves, I'll join a gym, but I don't feel too bad about waiting so long because I'm in pretty decent shape (now if I could just stop eating ...).

2.  The FRUIT STANDS.  Fresh food is tougher to come by on the East Coast and spoils more quickly, but almost every day now I pick up a huge bowl of fresh fruit and a banana from a stand for $3.50, comparable to what it would cost at a grocery store (I probably come out a little ahead actually).  It's fantastic, I wish I had a fruit stand follow me everywhere.  Unfortunately, the fruit stands will disappear during the winter, but I have a few alternatives that are close to my house and the courthouse.

3. It's easier for KENNY.  In many ways, it's tough on Kenny and on me dealing with his barking and trying to keep him out of the street, but when it comes to his need to "mark his territory," it's fantastic, and he gets so much stimulation when he goes on walks that he's easier to deal with when we're in the house.

4. The RESTAURANTS and HAPPY HOURS.  Oh. my. goodness.  It is so much fun to be in your late 20s here, there's plenty to do and plenty of people to hang out with. I've found that I'm much busier here meeting up with friends and going out with my co-clerks during the week and I will definitely miss this when it's over.

5. The CONVENIENCE.  Want to go to the grocery store?  Several stores are a 10 minute walk away, or less.  Want to go shopping?  You're a 20-minute walk away from Banana Republic, etc.  The density makes everything easy to access, and the public transit is nice when you're crunched for time.  It's easy to catch Amtrak to New York or DC, and taxis are in abundance.  After living in Alabama and the only Gap in the region being 40 minutes away (to say nothing of the lack of a Macys or Nordstrom), the fact that there are several Gap stores that are about a 20 minute walk away, even if I hardly ever go, is nice.  Not having to buy gas or leave a carbon footprint ever is also not a bad thing.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Sorry it's been awhile since I've given a substantive update.  As time moves, and as I continue to be moving from place to place and am constantly "busy," I sadly find my exciting life less exciting to me.  But, in devotion to the now 6 years of Blogging on Christine's World, I'd like to at least keep up the appearance that I'm still interested in narrating this time of my life.

First, an important Toms Update:
I got my #10s for my birthday in August:
but of course, I have not stopped there. I've since gotten two more pairs (I think it's only two):

I love them both for work and for walking around the city.  I've also purchased some key gear for winter, including Snow Boots, Wellies, Riding Boots, a Rain Coat, and have also been given warm coats from our Judicial Assistant.  So I think I'm almost ready for the cold.

Speaking of walking around the city, I'm still having a great time living in Philly, and feel very blessed to have this life experience.  There's something about living and working and shopping in close proximity that I really like.  I'd love to document all the restaurants I'm trying in the City but I'm afraid that's unlikely, but I am eating very well.  It's great to walk everywhere, I feel very healthy, and am frankly looking forward to the colder weather because I think it will make my walks easier. 
Jackie and I had a quick visit!
 I think Kenny has also really enjoyed city life, he likes his Daycare and LOVES walking around in Washington Square looking for squirrels.  I think the hardest part for him is dealing with the fact that he only sees Curtis on the weekends, but he will probably spend a few weeks with him in Virginia soon.

Kenny at Daycare, The "Dog School"

Curtis is very busy, but is enjoying his temporary assignment in Virginia.  He's in his third quarter of school at UNC, and will travel to Chapel Hill in mid-December for the program.

As for my work, well, I can't really speak on it substantively, what we do is mostly a secret until after the cases are decided. But I'm really enjoying my time as a clerk, it's a special experience for a lawyer, and my circumstances could not be any better.  I really like my co-clerks and we regularly spend time together outside of work. My work life is so flexible that I'm not sure whether I'll be able to return to the regimented 8:30-5:30, I don't even set an alarm clock these days.

So, I'm still around, trying to enjoy what the city has to offer but time is flying.  I might have some fun pictures to post next week, so stay tuned :-)