Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Sorry it's been awhile since I've given a substantive update.  As time moves, and as I continue to be moving from place to place and am constantly "busy," I sadly find my exciting life less exciting to me.  But, in devotion to the now 6 years of Blogging on Christine's World, I'd like to at least keep up the appearance that I'm still interested in narrating this time of my life.

First, an important Toms Update:
I got my #10s for my birthday in August:
but of course, I have not stopped there. I've since gotten two more pairs (I think it's only two):

I love them both for work and for walking around the city.  I've also purchased some key gear for winter, including Snow Boots, Wellies, Riding Boots, a Rain Coat, and have also been given warm coats from our Judicial Assistant.  So I think I'm almost ready for the cold.

Speaking of walking around the city, I'm still having a great time living in Philly, and feel very blessed to have this life experience.  There's something about living and working and shopping in close proximity that I really like.  I'd love to document all the restaurants I'm trying in the City but I'm afraid that's unlikely, but I am eating very well.  It's great to walk everywhere, I feel very healthy, and am frankly looking forward to the colder weather because I think it will make my walks easier. 
Jackie and I had a quick visit!
 I think Kenny has also really enjoyed city life, he likes his Daycare and LOVES walking around in Washington Square looking for squirrels.  I think the hardest part for him is dealing with the fact that he only sees Curtis on the weekends, but he will probably spend a few weeks with him in Virginia soon.

Kenny at Daycare, The "Dog School"

Curtis is very busy, but is enjoying his temporary assignment in Virginia.  He's in his third quarter of school at UNC, and will travel to Chapel Hill in mid-December for the program.

As for my work, well, I can't really speak on it substantively, what we do is mostly a secret until after the cases are decided. But I'm really enjoying my time as a clerk, it's a special experience for a lawyer, and my circumstances could not be any better.  I really like my co-clerks and we regularly spend time together outside of work. My work life is so flexible that I'm not sure whether I'll be able to return to the regimented 8:30-5:30, I don't even set an alarm clock these days.

So, I'm still around, trying to enjoy what the city has to offer but time is flying.  I might have some fun pictures to post next week, so stay tuned :-)

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Adelyn said...

Glad everything is going so well! Fun to hear about your city life :)