Sunday, October 27, 2013

A Very Philly Weekend

Despite the fact that I caught a cold/flu/whoknows on Thursday, Curtis came down Friday night for the weekend, and is now on his way back to Virginia with our doggy.  This marks the first time I'm in Philly without him, only for two weeks, but will certainly be different. 

We ended up having a really nice weekend.  Stay tuned for part of it (hint: it involves pictures), but for now I will focus on the food, since we checked two restaurants off the list of those I wanted to try.

Curtis described it as "hipster BBQ" which is probably about right.  Nevertheless, the food was priced well and tasty, we were able to watch the first quarter of the UCLA-Oregon game on a TV there, and we got a few dishes for free for our "wait," which wasn't long. 

Here's the rundown of what we got: 

Deviled eggs (on the house) 
Skillet Cornbread (on the house)
Macaroni and Cheese - delish

BBQ Fries with Chopped Brisket - also delish
Pulled Pork (me, delish) 
Burger (Curtis - "pretty good")
Chocolate-Banana Bread Pudding with Cinnamon Ice Cream (Curtis - "ok")
Root Beer Float (me - delish) 

Suffice it to say, I'm looking forward to eating leftovers tonight.  Not quite Alabama BBQ, but tasty. 
Next? Brunch at Jones

Styled as an old-school diner with a modern twist, Jones is one of many "Starr Restaurants," by a local restaurateur, who has several restaurants, all with different themes (I think I've been to four of them so far, The Dandelion, Talula's Garden, and Frankford Hall, and they are all fun)

Again, good meal.  We started with their famous Monkey Bread, which was yummy and warm: 

Then I had the egg sandwich with tater tots (which was just okay), and Curtis had the French Toast, which looked cool and tasted good.

Overall, a yummy weekend :-) 

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Adelyn said...

Glad you were recovered enough to enjoy a nice weekend with Curtis! Looks like fun restaurants.