Monday, July 27, 2009

The next couple of weeks

I can't believe August is almost here! I was really looking forward to it in June, but now looking at the calendar I wouldn't mind having another week of normalcy. Here's the rundown of my schedule from now until the start of school on August 24:

This week is fairly normal, but this weekend I'm spending most of it in Mission Viejo, and Sunday night in San Diego. We have our first in-person meeting of the WRBLSA (Western Region Black Law Students Association) Board, which should be fun. Monday morning I'll travel back to LA for my last 3 days of work.

Thursday August 6 may involve a trip to Six Flags Magic Mountain - we'll see how ambitious I am. August 7-8 I will be in the bay area/San Francisco! I'm doing a quick trip so visit with my Orrick friends and do an interview with another firm in the city (although it's for a position in LA - figures). I will be back on the night of the 8th, which is also my birthday.

I start on-campus interviews on August 10 and go through August 13. Right now I have 11 interviews scheduled but that may go up/down depending on how things play out. Curtis and I are going to Utah for his sister Marjorie's wedding Aug. 14-17th. The following week, which is right before school starts, should be quieter. Then the craziness of law school begins again on the 24th!

Have a good week!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Weekend in the Desert

My parents took us all to the desert last weekend. We stayed at the Westin in Rancho Mirage. Nice resort, very quiet, very low key. We really enjoyed ourselves and got some well-deserved R&R. One nice thing about the resort was that there was a small pool right outside our room that was always deserted, and so we were able to play in the pool for about an hour without anyone in it.

On Saturday night we got our fix of the Marriott (our favorite place to stay out there) and went to the Mikado restaurant. It's a Japanese restaurant where they grill everything in front of you, and do neat tricks, like throwing pieces of shrimp into your mouth. I was a proud wife, when Curtis caught shrimp in his mouth from about 40 feet away. The cook was pretty impressed. I got out the camera while we were there and took a couple of shots.

The trip was really fun - we even managed to see Harry Potter on Sunday as a family. We look forward to making the trip an annual tradition.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Saturday Morning

I have a bad habit - I'm always awake on Saturday morning well before I'd like to be. Often it's before I wake up on a weekday, which is really annoying. But, since I'm on vacation, I'll just take a nap this afternoon before dinner.

Curtis and I are spending the weekend w/ my parents & Jon at the Rancho Mirage Westin. Our room is so nice, and I'm out here on the patio with a view of the pool playing on my laptop. Because I'm not in the mood to work (it's hard to get motivated to read employment discrimination cases on a Saturday morning in the desert), I thought I'd post a quick blog update.

Nothing has really changed since my last post, but I only have about 2.5 weeks left of my job at the Disability Rights Legal Center. I think most of that time will be spent tying up loose ends. It's amazing how fast 10 weeks goes - I understand why people during their summers complain that they didn't get much done - there just isn't time. I was fortunate to be able to work on two briefs for the lead Litigation attorney, and I think I made a good impression with my work product - we will see.

Last year I did my summer movie list - movies I hoped to see, and then movies that I did, in fact, see. Well, didn't set that up this year, but I have seen some interesting movies. The Hangover was good, and My Sister's Keeper was good but Tracy and I cried the entire time. Harry Potter was okay - I want to see it again while fully awake. Transformers II was surprisingly good, if you ignore the plot, and Bruno was disappointing. It's nice living walking distance from a theater and having a roommate who likes movies - we've gotten out to see many of the big ones this year.

Anyway, I hope you're enjoying your weekend as much as I am enjoying mine. I'll try to do an update soon. August is a big month for job searching - so big changes ahead. School starts August 24, so I'll have a few weeks where my schedule is more flexible. I'm thinking a trip to the Bay Area might be in the works.

Reminder - I put a bunch of wedding photos on our family blog: Most of the same photos are on facebook.

Happy Saturday!