Thursday, July 28, 2011

Random Bar Notes

***** One night I missed having facebook and twitter to rant at (although I realized that being cut off like that made the stress level go up, so I took it back a few days before) so I started a draft blog to post after the bar to giggle at - here it is ******

 Here are my random thoughts during my time away from social networking and in Bar Land.

1. this is torture.
2. Law and Order: Criminal Intent has won the contest for my drug of choice.
3. Robert Goren is pretty awesome. Kinda sexy in that nerdy way.
4. I can't wait for football season in Alabama.
5. This new Blogger interface confuses the heck out of me.
6. This has become a sort of, how close to the edge of sanity are you willing to go in order to pass?
7. I don't really need to pass this exam, I won't be in CA for a least 3 years anyway (I tried to keep this one suppressed as much as possible)
8. How do people pass this?!
9. They should really use closed book exams more in law school.
10. Our womens world cup team is awesome!
11. Everything is starting to run together.
12. I love the ESPYs - and Serena Williams has an impressive booty.
13. Kenny has been so cute today.
14. These law and orders about killers with disabilities or mental illnesses are depressing.

Bar Exam Day 3

I'm finished!!

Not much to say about today, except that I slept better, and was able to get checked out of the hotel and ready in time to have some time to relax in the exam room.

The morning was pretty tough, but everyone thought it was tough, so I'm not worried about it anymore. The afternoon was pretty straightforward, so it was a nice way to end. No puking, as far as I know, although I heard that apparently I missed the multiple puking incidents on Tuesday morning because I was so focused on the exam questions.

All told, that was a tough experience, and I hope not to have to do it (in California) ever again.

Right after the exam, I jumped in the car and went to Tustin for a Camp meeting! Santa Ana District Senior High Camp starts this weekend, and I will be a counselor! I'm excited for a week in the wilderness, without a computer, and without BarBri books to look at! The fun has started!

Thank you again (really) for all of the well wishes. It really made this summer more pleasant.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Bar Exam Day 2

I'm tired!

Today was the Multistate Bar Exam, which is taken by everyone in the country on the same day. It is two sets of 100 multiple choice questions, 3 hours each. I was coming off a bad night of sleep, so by the last hour, I was totally ready to be done.

I splurged on a half burger and fries at lunch today, I was worried about an early afternoon food coma, but I needed a fun meal to raise my spirits. I definitely thought the exam was pretty tough today, but I think it'll be okay. Now I'm very nervous about tomorrow, but am thrilled that I'm almost done.

There was some gross excitement today when a girl threw up twice in the bathroom during the afternoon session. I couldn't tell if it was nerves or illness, but I could definitely hear it happening in the bathroom and it was pretty gross. But I felt for her, nausea is the worst. It made me grateful that I'm in good health this week and am not easily stressed.

Related to that, the people watching has been fun. There's a girl who has worn super high heels both days. There's a very pregnant woman taking the exam, who looks fab. And there's a girl who likes to wear sleeveless neon dresses over black sweatpants. Hopefully I haven't stuck out in a similar way.

Tonight me and the USC Ayres hotel crew (2 other guys from my big section from first year, same guys I had dinner with last night) went to cheesecake factory, and sat out on the patio - it was fabulous. It was great happy food, yummy mojito, BBQ ranch chicken salad, and white chocolate raspberry truffle cheesecake :-) Now I'm watching big brother, and am going to try to study a little bit and get to sleep early, I have to check out of the hotel early tomorrow.

After the exam tomorrow I'm hoping to go to the camp staff BBQ, and try to get to Nordstrom to get a post bar new pair of sunglasses for my fun month of August!

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Bar Exam Day 1

Today went as well as could be expected. 2 days to go!

I got a decent 7 hours of sleep last night, hoping for 8 tonight. [update: could not calm my mind to sleep last night, got 5.5 hours, hoping for more for day 3] The hotel that I'm staying at in Ontario is really nice, and is a 5 minute walk from the convention center. I have a nice space with a couch and a coffee table, and a bar with a microwave, sink, and refrigerator so I have more food here than I could possibly need.

It turns out that there are a handful of people from USC taking it here. I am even sitting next to, and in front of people from my old I-L section. And there are two people from that section that are staying at the same hotel, so we had breakfast in the hotel together, and dinner out at The Olive Garden (I got chicken and tried not to go too carb-crazy on the breadsticks and capellini).

Computer worked exactly as it should today, I won't need it again until Thursday. There are about 1400 people taking it here all in the same room (wish I could get pictures!), and it looks like I was the first person to sign up at this location, because I have the lowest application number and am sitting in the left front corner. I'm right next to the bathroom and water fountain, which is great. We also have a really nice proctor (each proctor has about 30 test takers) that has worked this a few times before, already knows all our names and is constantly smiling :-)

The exam itself went well, without going into more detail, I was happy with my performance. Other than some nerves in the morning and some fatigue in the afternoon I felt good. I think more than anything I'm really happy that I'm finally taking it and that I can soon put it behind me.

I've gotten a ton of wonderful well wishes the last few days, they are really boosting my spirits, so thank you, so much!

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Please blog!

I'm enjoying your blog posts while sequestered in Ontario. Please continue posting this week!

Just finished part 1 of 6 of the exam, going back now for the afternoon session. So far, so good :-)

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Kenny videos

I've been sending Curtis a video of Kenny each day so that he doesn't miss him so much. Here are a few.

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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Until the 28th...

Today marks a final disconnection from the outside world until July 28th. I have deactivated Facebook, and changed the passwords for both Facebook and Twitter to something too complicated to remember. I am creating a "forbidden" file on my iPad.

I'm a little worried that I won't memorize enough in time, so I'm giving myself the best possible chance to avoid distractions. I will probably turn off the internet on my computer for extended periods of time as well.

So, obviously this will be my last blog post. I will likely keep my workout journal up to date, but other than that, I shouldn't be blogging. Curtis, however, is planning to become more active on Facebook and our family blog so that he can convey his impressions of Alabama.

Have a wonderful July! And, if you remember, please send up a nice thought on my behalf sometime from July 25-28th. This process is almost over :-).

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Gratuitous Kenny Photos

Kenny is in what we call, "full cuteness mode." His hair continuously grows, but when it's at this length, we both think he looks the most cute. Kenny let me take a few pictures of him this morning with his toys. He's so cute and tired in the morning.

Yes, he likes to lay on his toys. The rubber chicken is probably his favorite toy.

He gets to see his Bibi and Papi today (my parents), and see everyone tomorrow for the July 4th Party - he's going to be so happy.

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