Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Bar Exam Day 2

I'm tired!

Today was the Multistate Bar Exam, which is taken by everyone in the country on the same day. It is two sets of 100 multiple choice questions, 3 hours each. I was coming off a bad night of sleep, so by the last hour, I was totally ready to be done.

I splurged on a half burger and fries at lunch today, I was worried about an early afternoon food coma, but I needed a fun meal to raise my spirits. I definitely thought the exam was pretty tough today, but I think it'll be okay. Now I'm very nervous about tomorrow, but am thrilled that I'm almost done.

There was some gross excitement today when a girl threw up twice in the bathroom during the afternoon session. I couldn't tell if it was nerves or illness, but I could definitely hear it happening in the bathroom and it was pretty gross. But I felt for her, nausea is the worst. It made me grateful that I'm in good health this week and am not easily stressed.

Related to that, the people watching has been fun. There's a girl who has worn super high heels both days. There's a very pregnant woman taking the exam, who looks fab. And there's a girl who likes to wear sleeveless neon dresses over black sweatpants. Hopefully I haven't stuck out in a similar way.

Tonight me and the USC Ayres hotel crew (2 other guys from my big section from first year, same guys I had dinner with last night) went to cheesecake factory, and sat out on the patio - it was fabulous. It was great happy food, yummy mojito, BBQ ranch chicken salad, and white chocolate raspberry truffle cheesecake :-) Now I'm watching big brother, and am going to try to study a little bit and get to sleep early, I have to check out of the hotel early tomorrow.

After the exam tomorrow I'm hoping to go to the camp staff BBQ, and try to get to Nordstrom to get a post bar new pair of sunglasses for my fun month of August!

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