Thursday, July 28, 2011

Bar Exam Day 3

I'm finished!!

Not much to say about today, except that I slept better, and was able to get checked out of the hotel and ready in time to have some time to relax in the exam room.

The morning was pretty tough, but everyone thought it was tough, so I'm not worried about it anymore. The afternoon was pretty straightforward, so it was a nice way to end. No puking, as far as I know, although I heard that apparently I missed the multiple puking incidents on Tuesday morning because I was so focused on the exam questions.

All told, that was a tough experience, and I hope not to have to do it (in California) ever again.

Right after the exam, I jumped in the car and went to Tustin for a Camp meeting! Santa Ana District Senior High Camp starts this weekend, and I will be a counselor! I'm excited for a week in the wilderness, without a computer, and without BarBri books to look at! The fun has started!

Thank you again (really) for all of the well wishes. It really made this summer more pleasant.

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sam c.hart jr said...

Glad you are done! Enjoy Camp!