Saturday, January 4, 2014

Year in Review; The Future of Christine's World

Now that Curtis & Kenny are on their way back to Alabama today, I can work some on my blogs! 

It's now 2014 - wow. 

For many reasons, I often compare 2013 to 2012.  Fall 2012 was, quite frankly, chaotic and sad.  The loss of Grandpa and Aunt Julie has stayed with me through 2013 and although it's less acute, it's still there, and it will take a little more time than I initially anticipated to have complete peace with all of that. 

2013 was probably one of my busiest years to date, and probably one of my funnest in my adult life. We started January 1st with a fantastic tailgate and Stanford victory at the Rose Bowl, and then dragged our weary selves back to Alabama and back to work.  Curtis started business school with UNC in March, which has turned our world upside down, but he's doing so well and I'm thrilled for him and proud. My parents came to visit in April and we went to the Final Four in Atlanta.  Curtis and I went to Hamburg in June.  I left my job at the end of July, sadly said goodbye to our Alabama friends, and flew with Kenny to California for two weeks of great weather and family.  Coming back from California, we packed up the car in Alabama and made the long drive to Philly, where I started my long-awaited judicial clerkship in August.  Curtis worked out of the Virginia office for three months, and we learned how to drive back and forth. Now, at the beginning of 2014, with Curtis and Kenny starting the year in Mobile, life should settle down a bit.  As always, I am so grateful for what I have, for the friends that we've made, in California, in Alabama and now in Philly. And of course we have a wonderful family, that is exceptionally tolerant of our crazy life choices and always supportive. 

So here's to the New Year and the exciting developments ahead! 

One thing that has become apparent this past year with the blog is that managing two blogs has become inefficient.  I've always liked having my own blog with my own content where I express random thoughts which don't necessarily "fit in" with my "Christine & Curtis" blog.  But due to my current job, I'm not as free to publish my own opinions as otherwise would be, and frankly I have less energy for it.  I think it's time to press "pause" on this blog for now, with the hope that I will resurrect it at some point :-). FYI However, I have added a few things to both blogs that I marked under the date when the event occurred, so look back in my archives for those new "old" posts!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

100th Rose Bowl 2014

I did one of those things that I'm getting too old to do... 

I seriously considered skipping it this year, but I've gone to every bowl game since 2010, the Sun Bowl, the Orange Bowl, the Fiesta Bowl and the Rose Bowl last year.  It's the one time every year that I know I'll see my good Stanford friends, and we always have a great time!

I did it a little crazier this time, by flying to LAX the morning of the game, and flying back to Philly that night.  Miraculously, everything went smoothly and we made it to the stadium with a little time to tailgate and catch up.  My parents were kind enough to get my back and forth from the airport, which was great. Sadly we lost, but it was a fun day :-).  And I wore shorts and sandals to the game, it was so warm!