Thursday, July 28, 2011

Random Bar Notes

***** One night I missed having facebook and twitter to rant at (although I realized that being cut off like that made the stress level go up, so I took it back a few days before) so I started a draft blog to post after the bar to giggle at - here it is ******

 Here are my random thoughts during my time away from social networking and in Bar Land.

1. this is torture.
2. Law and Order: Criminal Intent has won the contest for my drug of choice.
3. Robert Goren is pretty awesome. Kinda sexy in that nerdy way.
4. I can't wait for football season in Alabama.
5. This new Blogger interface confuses the heck out of me.
6. This has become a sort of, how close to the edge of sanity are you willing to go in order to pass?
7. I don't really need to pass this exam, I won't be in CA for a least 3 years anyway (I tried to keep this one suppressed as much as possible)
8. How do people pass this?!
9. They should really use closed book exams more in law school.
10. Our womens world cup team is awesome!
11. Everything is starting to run together.
12. I love the ESPYs - and Serena Williams has an impressive booty.
13. Kenny has been so cute today.
14. These law and orders about killers with disabilities or mental illnesses are depressing.

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sam c.hart jr said...

Draft blog was a good idea. Helps keep you sane and interesting or fin to look back on.