Monday, June 16, 2008

Monday Updates - 6/16/08

okay here we go:

First - Congrats Tiger on winning the US Open! It only took 91 holes on a bad knee but you did it! One thing I enjoy about the American Majors is when Tiger greets his family after he wins. Tiger's wife Elin went out to the first sudden death hole and rode with him on a cart back to 18 for the trophy ceremony, where he met up with and held his almost 1-year-old daughter Sam for awhile (she didn't want to let go!).

(Photo Credit: Travis Lindquist/Getty Images)

Weekend: At the last minute Curtis decided to come visit me this weekend. It worked out really well because I needed a date to the Giants-A's game I was attending on Friday. So I left work early, got him from the airport, then rushed to the Menlo Park Caltrain station and got on the train just in time to make it to SF by a little after 6PM. I met up with my good friend Juls and some of her friends for drinks before the game. The game was a little disappointing, I'm not a fan of either team but I did buy a Giants hat so I could have some allegiance. They did lose, but I did get to see Visquel steal home and you don't see that very often. With that said, most of my time at AT&T Park was spent in the line for the Garlic Fries.

On Saturday we made the drive down to Monterrey so that I could go to the aquarium for the first time in 10 years. We ended up being very lucky and had sunshine almost the entire time we were there. The aquarium was crowded and fun, and we stuffed ourselves after at Bubba Gump's. I'll post pictures soon. Then that night we both didn't feel like going to sleep so we decided to go see You Don't Mess with the Zohan. Instead of trying to explain this movie and what I thought of it, I'll refer you to Roger Ebert's review which I completely agree with.

One unfortunate thing that happened this weekend was that I woke up with about a dozen bites on my stomach, which was a little scary at first. My guess is that a spider just went to town, and I hope it's nothing more than that. But I did wash all of my bedding so hopefully it was just a one time thing. But it makes me excited to get off the floor and sleep on my tall bed at home.

Our plan for Sunday was to simply relax, and we did just that. We went and got bagels and Starbucks in the morning and then spent the day watching the US Open, playing Super Mario Galaxy on the Wii, and I packed a suitcase for Curtis to take back with him. We went to In-N-Out for a quick bite and then went to the airport. Even though he's coming back in 2 weeks to move me out, it was eerie saying goodbye to him knowing that this was our last full weekend in the Bay Area together, as a long-distance couple. In a few weeks our 5-year 400 mile romance will end and we'll start somewhat of a new phase. Maybe we'll move back in a few years ;-).

On Sunday night I actually had a fun conversation with ESPN's golf editor, Jason Sobel. He covered the US Open by Blogging all 4 days with a ton of fun anecdotes, questions submitted by readers, and professional perspective. I had emailed him on Friday to say that I was enjoying the blog, and on Sunday I got a gchat message from him asking whether I was still reading. From this started a conversation about the Open and the implications of a 18 hole playoff. I gotta tell you, chatting with an ESPN editor is a highlight of my sports fan life - it was pretty cool. Now if I can just establish a relationship with some of the ESPN college basketball editors and writers I can die happy.

Law School: I'll feature this in a later post.

Wedding: The only new thing is that my dress arrived at Jinny's! I'm very excited to go try it on when I get back to SoCal.

Work: At the end of today I will have 13 days left of work. I still have some projects floating around but nothing too exciting. I cleaned out a lot of my work stuff (notes, docs, etc.) last week but I'll probably wait another week until I start taking down my personal stuff - I don't want people to get sad when they come into my office. I was excited to come in today because I want to enjoy the days I have left and the people that I've come to enjoy working with.

Move: So my move back to SoCal is complicated by the fact that my stuff is going to beat me there. My lease ends on June 30 so I am moving on the 28-29. Curtis and my Dad are coming up to move me (method has not been established: UHaul? Caravan? I'll keep you posted). But I am actually working until Thursday July 3rd so I will be a bit of a nomad the last week. I'm staying with Adelyn at least until my last day of work, but I'm thinking I might stay in the bay area for the July 4th weekend. I figured I might as well take advantage of the fact that I can drive home whenever I want so I'll be stocked with an air mattress and a suitcase and we'll see how it goes! My goal is to be back in SoCal by the 8th, which is my Dad's birthday, so I'll be there for that and have some time before Curtis and I go to Palm Desert for vacation. So that's the plan for now!

I realize this turned out to be really long - so apologies. Have a good week!

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