Monday, June 2, 2008

My Crazy Weekend

Let me preface this post by saying that while I am energetic, I'm not the type of person who can have a full day and wake up the next morning and feel fine. So today I am dragging, but I will say that I had such a fun weekend that it was worth it.

Fortunately, I had Friday free, so I was able to clean up my apartment and watch the Scripps National Spelling Bee. I liked the kid the ended up winning, he was very funny and it was his 4th and last trip to the bee, so he seemed deserving. Ironically, the word he won with, "guerdon" means "reward" (when I was writing this blog, the spellcheck didn't like that word...funny!). The Scripps Spelling bee is so fun because it's really exciting. You look forward to every word and it's fun to see really hard-working kids competing for the title.

On Saturday I woke up early and relaxed for a few hours until noon when I met up with Adelyn at Santana Row for lunch, shopping, and most importantly, Sex and the City. We both liked the movie, although it was rather predictable. Of the 4 story lines, I thought Samantha's felt the most realistic for her character. I thought Miranda and Charlotte were a little more one-dimensional than they were in the series. Jennifer Hudson was fabulous in her role as Carrie's assistant - she should really be in more movies. Overall, it was very entertaining and enduring, and I'd recommend it for any fan of the series.

After the movie, Adelyn and I hung out at the Wine Bar until my dad met up with us. He is in SF this week for work so he came in early to hang out with me! We ate at Consuelo's, my fav Mexican restaurant at Santana Row, and then headed home for some Wii golf, tennis, bowling, and boxing. I think he wants a Wii now ;-). Then on Sunday we woke up, went to Stacks, and then headed to San Jose to play golf. For not picking up a club in 5 months, I actually played pretty well. We had to leave after hole 14 to head up to the city because to go to Alcatraz! We got on the 4PM boat and spent 2 hours on the island taking the audio tour an exploring. We took some pictures so hopefully I will feature those in the next few weeks. I was really happy to visit Alcatraz, because it was on my list of things to do before I leave the Bay Area.

After Alcatraz we met up with 2 of my dad's co-workers and had dinner at Norton's Steakhouse. I had a delicious steak and a baked potato. If you've ever been to Norton's, you'll know that sometimes they will present the menu on a cart, featuring all of the meats, including a live lobster. The lobster was hilarious – he kept trying to crawl off the plate, as if he knew what his fate was. After dinner my dad drove me back to Palo Alto and I got back around 10 PM and crashed.

Overall it was a great weekend, I had such a good time with Adelyn and Dad and I'm happy that I did so much.

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