Sunday, June 29, 2008

Monday Updates - 6/30/08

Ok, phase 1 of my move back to SoCal is now done and I am (almost) officially homeless. Curtis came up on Friday night. We were able to walk/run the dish on Saturday morning and go to Stacks before my dad arrived. Once Dad got there we started moving, it only took about 2 hours to pack up mostly everything.

It was 3PM and we were pretty much done, so we washed up and drove down to Santana Row for dinner at Left Bank. We had a blast down there and the weather was perfect. After a bunch of delicious food, we went back to my apartment and watched National Treasure and then crashed. Then this morning we woke up early, went to Stacks and then threw out my bed (or as Dad and Curtis call it, "something soft to sleep on"). Dad left around 10:30 and Curtis left around 1:00. I was glad to hear that it wasn't too hard to unpack the cars last night.

Unlike Saturday and Sunday, this morning was definitely not fun. After spending the night on the air mattress, I woke up at 7AM, took a quick shower and then started the task of throwing stuff out and packing my car. For awhile I was really worried that I wouldn't fit everything in the car, but it turned out that I had some room to spare. That made me feel better about driving home, that I'll be able to see out the back window. But I finally made it to work, my hands were raw and I had scratched myself pretty bad in a few places, plus I really sore/stiff from a combination of the walk on Saturday and the lifting, plus the sleeping on the air mattress.

Tonight I'm going to Adelyn's and will stay there until my last day of work!

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