Friday, June 27, 2008

The next 3 weeks

Here's where I'll be for the next few weeks!

This weekend is the big move! Curtis is driving up tonight and my dad comes up tomorrow morning to help me move out. It's going to be quite a feat, bringing 5 years worth of stuff home (plus throwing a bunch of stuff out and giving clothes to goodwill). I know Curtis and I are going to walk the dish, and maybe the three of us will go to one of my favorite restaurants in the area. Plus I'd like to get over to the quad one last time to say goodbye and take pictures.

My last day of work is Thursday, July 3rd, so after I leave my apartment I'm staying in Campbell w/ Adelyn until then. I'm super excited to hang out with her for a few days. We'll probably be doing a lot of chatting, wine drinking, and watching X-Files and West Wing DVD's.

On July 3 I head up to San Francisco, and I'am spending the July 4th weekend with Juls and Melis! We're going to go to SF MOMA and see the Frida Kahlo exhibit, watch the fireworks in SF and go camping at Pinnacles National Park. I'll probably head back to SoCal on Monday, July 7th in the morning.

After unpacking and repacking, Curtis and I will drive to Palm Desert on Friday, July 11, for 4 days of R&R. I'll finally be able to get rid of the office glow and catch up on sleep from what is likely to be a crazy last week up here. We're still trying to decide what to bring with us. We know that we want to spend a lot of time by the pool, we have a spa day, and we'll probably mini golf and see a movie, but we don't want to get too bored, so we might bring the Wii with us. And I will also bring the Fit so it doesn't get mad at me when I leave it at home for 4 days (the Wii Fit is very demanding).

Curtis and I get home on Tuesday, July 15. Then on the night of July 17 I'm staying at Tracy's house and then she and I are flying up to San Jose together to stay with Melis and Juls! Tracy was coming up and I figured since I had nothing better to do and enough travel credits to go for free, I'd tag along and join in on the fun! We're back on Sunday morning, July 20th. Then I will have a week off and then likely head to my law preview program the last week of July (unless I can get out of it). So I think I will be just busy enough to not get bored but not so busy that I'm not resting.

In between trips I'll also be scheduling appointments with vendors for the wedding. I'm going to try my dress on probably on Wednesday or Thursday, July 9-10, and I might schedule a meeting with a potential florist for July 8th, but it depends on when my final arrival date in SoCal is. I also have to figure out music at the reception location. We'd like to do the cake design and the menu tasting this summer too but we can also do that over Christmas or Spring Break (it'll be nice to have breaks again!)

That's all for now, I hope to have some fun pictures to post over the next few weeks! Wish me luck in moving!

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