Monday, June 23, 2008

Monday Updates - 6/23/08

Going to be quick today - Lots of packing/cleaning/procrastinating to do!

I was actually at work on Friday until 8:15, so by the time I got dinner and got home it was pretty late, but I ended up not falling asleep until 2AM because it was so darn hot. Saturday my activities were focused on staying in air conditioned buildings. I went to the gym, then got a pedicure, and then the mall to get a pretzel and a cute dress. Because Stanford Shopping Center doesn't have a pretzel stand, I have to drive to Hillsdale if I have a craving. But because of the weather it was for the best anyway to hang out in an indoor mall. On Sunday I had a pretty quiet morning, a short run at the gym and then went to Adelyn and Ed's lovely house to bring them a set of shelves, see the apartment, and hang out for a little while. After a fun couple of hours, I drove back home and stared at my stuff for a few more hours before going to sleep. I just don't know how I should pack this stuff so it will fit in 3 cars.

This Week: Packing/Working, etc.
I have a huge project at work coming in tomorrow actually so work this week will be crazy. We have the apartment until Monday so I need to do a lot of cleaning and packing. Curtis and my dad are coming up Friday night to pack me up and bring my stuff home, and we'll see how that goes.

Summer Plans:
Summer Plans are still a little fluid, other than my trip to Palm Desert July 11-15. I'm hoping to make a trip back to NorCal on July 18th for a reunion of my good tridelt friends. I signed up for a law preview program last week of July at USC, but am trying to get out of it. Plus there's the possible Utah trip to see my soon to be born nephew-to-be. So, this summer will be plenty busy, which is a good thing because I'd go crazy otherwise. I'll make sure to keep the blog updated!

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