Thursday, June 5, 2008


(I've really gotten into blogging! I've thought about all these things I could write about! We'll see how long it lasts once I get home and on vacay)

So lately I've been lusting after a few gadgets. I don't really have the money to buy much, so some of this stuff is completely practical and I definitely plan to buy it, and other things (like a 42 in. LCD TV), aren't.

1. Digital Camera
Especially with all of this blogging, I've been wishing that I had a working camera to add pictures. I got one for Christmas 2003 but it never really worked right, so I'm looking forward to moving up. I think this is something that I will buy soon, just because with everything going in the next few months I will want a camera to cover it. For the past few years I've been lusting after the Canon PowerShot SD1000 and after a bit of research, I think that's what I'll end up with.

2. An iPhone
Curtis and I both really want iPhones, and we're both due to get a new phone contract. So we're thinking about getting on an ATT family plan together this summer if they offer the iPhone at a rebate (that's the rumor...we'll probably find out next week).

3. A MacBook Pro
My Dell laptop is dying, so I'm hoping to get a Mac for law school (the CA Bar is letting you take the exam on a Mac as of this year!). I think I'm going to get the MacBookPro 15 inch, which is what Curtis has, but I haven't decided for sure. (Let me know if you have Mac Advice - is the Pro worth it or should i just get the MacBook?) I'm probably going to wait until August to buy it, and I'm hoping that my loans can help cover it. Some schools will let you add the cost of a laptop to your annual budget so yo can get loan money for it, so that's what I will try to do to help with expenses my first semester.

Also, if you're a student and you buy a Mac computer this summer, you get a free iPod touch or iPod Nano. If I get an iPhone, I'll probably go w/ the Nano (although I have a relatively new one now), otherwise I'll get the touch.

4. The Wii Fit
I went to Best Buy last night and found out that they're getting their next shipment of Wii Fits on Sunday so if I want one I have to get there around 8:30 AM and wait. We'll see if that happens. I'm looking forward to running in place, doing yoga, and taking advantage of a new opportunity to have a fun workout. Click here for a funny video of Anderson Cooper learning about the Wii Fit (or as he says, the "Why-E")

As a side note, I'm also looking for Wii MarioKart so if you know of anywhere that has it in stock, please let me know!

This is the one I will definitely be waiting for. I was at Best Buy yesterday looking for Wii stuff and decided to look at the TV's. I think after we get married we'll save up for a nice 40 in. or so LCD. After all, watching Stanford Basketball & Football on Saturdays on a nice TV will help ease the pain of not being at the games.

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