Sunday, September 21, 2008

Wedding Planning: Bridesmaid Dresses

So I haven't blogged about this much yet (partly because this isn't a topic that I like to talk about to be honest, but since I have a paper to finish today I'm procrastinating), but one of the hardest decisions I'm making about this wedding is the bridesmaid dresses. I don't think this is a common hard decision brides face (but correct me in the comments if it is) but for some reason I'm really indecisive. 

I have 5 bridesmaids who are wonderful and I'm sure will be supportive of whatever decision I make. When we first started working on this they all went and tried on dresses and told me what they liked/didn't like, and we narrowed on a canary-colored dress that everyone would be happy with. And as cute as I think this dress is, for some reason it's not like, speaking to me. It's weird I know, but I make most of my decisions on instinct and my gut has decided to abstain this time. I know, I know, it's really rather trivial and everyone is going to look good no matter what, so why the indecision? Well, I have conflicting goals with the bridesmaid dresses: 

1. The look of the wedding party: I am fascinated by the weddings where the Bridesmaids are in black. It just really adds some uniformity when both sides of the bride and groom are in black and I think the flowers could really pop (and I have this awesome florist that I'm very excited about). Plus there are practical considerations: Everyone can use a black dress and black generally looks good on everyone. I'd probably let everyone wear their own black dress instead of choosing one (although I might exert some control over the material). But I'm just really interested in going in that direction. 

2. The general theme of bright spring happy colors: Lets face it, if this wedding was held on a January evening, there would be much less hesitation to go with black bridesmaid dresses. While black is formal, it is also connected to mourning. And I'm not sure how black would be received by our guests. Yellow on the other hand is a happy color that would really promote the youthful theme of the day. Plus we have a dress picked out that's really cute and we will get a white sweater to go over it. And to a certain extent I respect the tradition of bridesmaids and the unusual circumstance of 5 girls wearing the same weird-colored dress all day. 

So obviously it sounds like I'm leaning in the yellow dress direction but I still want some time to think about it. There are other yellow options, and in fact there are some new really cute online-only satin dresses on I gave myself until November 30 (if I remember correctly) to decide. 

Any former brides out there? Please comment with any wisdom! 

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Jo said...

Ah, wedding planning, what a pain :-) I had trouble with bridesmaid dresses too. I had one tall skinny person, one shorter person, and one pregnant person (she was technically a bridesmatron, there wasn't anything scandalous). There was NOTHING that would fit all three. At the last minute I found cute cardigans that matched the flowers and everything, so I just had the girls wear their own black dresses with them. It ended up perfect. Anyway, whatever you end up doing, I'm sure it will be beautiful.