Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Class cancellations, scrounging, and other assorted law school adventures

So far the week is going well, in part because at the unfortunate expense of our professor, one of my classes was cancelled all week because of illness. Granted, we're going to be making up the time in the future, but it's amazing how much more time you have without 3 hours of class and approx. 3 hours of reading. 

This week overall has been pretty manageable since I did a good amount of reading on the weekend. Instead of leaving the library between 7 and 8 PM I'm leaving between 5 and 6. I'm trying to be much more efficient and use my mornings since I tend to be more focused then. 

I'm also happy because we're using economics in my torts class to determine whether there's negligence! I won't say more about that since it's nerdy but just wanted to convey my excitement that the degree in econ is counting for something :-).

We've also had the opportunity to get free meals at various organizations' meetings. Granted, most of them are organizations that I intended to join/participate in (Black Law Student Association - BLSA, Public Interest Law Foundation, etc.), a positive externality of this is that I've been able to get decent lunches (not to mention cupcakes from the LexisNexis people) for free. 

Coming up, we have a social tomorrow afternoon for the Public Interest Law Foundation (the PILF "kegger" as they call it), a training on outlining from the 1L tutors (yes we have tutors), a tailgate for the Ohio State game, a party next week thrown by the dean (I'll try to snap pics), lunches with 2 of my professors, and I'm pretty sure there will be other opportunities. I'm starting to wonder whether these organizations were just created for the free food that comes with them. 

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