Monday, September 1, 2008

Monday Updates - 9/1/2008

Happy September! It's amazing that this year is almost over, I thought 2008 just started! 

Law School: 
I start week 2 tomorrow, which is fortunately 1 day shorter. I think I'm going to try and visit a few professors this week. I was planning to get ahead in my reading this weekend, but I got really sick this weekend so that plan never got off the ground. 

I went home on Friday night, and on the way I stopped at BJ's in Huntington Beach and met up with Curtis and 2 of his co-workers. That was really fun, and given the way the weekend ended, I was happy to have at least a healthy evening. On Saturday I woke up feeling kinda out of sorts. By Saturday afternoon I knew something was coming, but it stayed away more the most part until 2AM on Saturday night when I woke up with a fever. I'm feeling better today, but still not 100%. I was planning on doing a full day at the library and I really didn't have the energy for it. On the positive side, I was happy to be back home with my family and they took really good care of me. 

On Sunday night I drove back to LA and hung out in the apartment Sunday and most of Monday. I did venture out Monday to IHOP/Ralphs (8 min. walk) and to the library so I could get my legal research assignment done, but other than that I was low key. I'll be up early tomorrow to get the rest of my reading done. 

Not much to say other than that, law school is pretty time consuming! But check below for the pics of my apartment if you haven't seen them yet. I was able to do a little more unpacking yesterday and I'm 90% settled. 

Have a good week! 

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