Friday, September 19, 2008

Quick Check-In

This week was odd because we didn't have a class 2 our of the 4 days its scheduled, plus we didn't have any new reading for Contracts, so the first few days were really easy and then the work just piled on. We had a 1L party organized by the university on Wednesday (with really good food btw) so essentially I wasn't prepared for class on Thursday. Luckily I didn't get cold-called so no harm done. But it's never fun to be behind in the reading. 

Of course, then today I spent a lot of time preparing for class and it went really well! I had a good grasp of the concepts, participated in both of my classes, and left school feeling really good. Of course, I have a 10 paper paper to write that's due on Sunday at 6, but I was happy with how the week ended. 

Tonight I'm going to a BBQ thrown by La Raza and BLSA, and tomorrow I have an academic retreat, also thrown by BLSA, so no free time essentially until Sunday night. But it's a good mix of work and extra-curricular activities. And I'm very excited because next week I'm sneaking up to San Jose/Campbell for a birthday party! So just knowing that something fun is horizon is keeping me sane :-) 

Have a good weekend! 

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