Thursday, September 4, 2008


Law school is not for the weak. I was at school from 7AM to 7PM today. I got there and read from 7-10:15, class 10:30-12:20, public interest law foundation (PILF) meeting 12:20-1:10, class 1:20-3:00, then more reading from approx. 4-7. And I still have reading to do for tomorrow, which I'm going to try and get done before class and during my 2 hour break between Torts and Civ Pro. 

Tomorrow afternoon/evening will be my chill/catch up on sleep night, and then I'll be back to the grind Saturday/Sunday in-between football. I'm hoping to finally be healthy again, maybe try out the USC gym, and get ahead in my reading. 

Also, it looks like I might be spending 20 hours or so in the San Jose area Sept. 27-28. I'm looking forward to the prospect of getting away. And as of now I'm planning on going to Stanford for homecoming, just need to finalize details and timing - I'm hoping to make an appearance at Orrick while I'm there :-). 

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