Saturday, May 3, 2008

I'm a Blog Stalker

Obviously we all Facebook-stalk. But I also have a habit of stalking blogs. Yes, I realize that this is probably more common than I think, and that people like me write blogs hoping that their friends and acquaintances will come visit every so often to find out what I'm up to. But, after finding out some really big news via a blog tonight, it occurred to me that I probably wasn't the intended audience.

I went on a blog of someone I know from an activity I was in at Stanford (details withheld to protect the innocent stalk-ees). I don't know them very well and they would probably be surprised to hear that I read their blog. They don't post very often, but I'll check it from time to time just in case. But when I checked tonight, I read about some REALLY BIG EXCITING NEWS. I went back to their Facebook pages to see if anyone else caught it and wrote on their wall. NO ONE HAD SAID A WORD ABOUT IT. So of course, I didn't want to write "congratulations!" on there because one, it would give it away (and it was the kind of news that's fun to tell other people personally), plus I'd be exposing myself as a blog-stalker. So I didn't, but I wanted to talk about it with someone, so I decided to post it here...without any real details.

So to any fellow bloggers out there whom I'm even remotely friends with - I'm probably reading your blog, or at least checking up on it from time to time, I hope that's ok :-)

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