Monday, May 26, 2008

Monday Updates - 5/26/08

Happy Memorial Day! Seeing President Bush at Arlington Cemetery reminded me of when Curtis and I visited in early April and how peaceful and beautiful it was.

We spent our holiday having brunch with Curtis' parents (we took them to Stacks!), and then we went to see Indiana Jones before taking Curtis back to the airport. Indy was pretty good, I didn't love it and I didn't hate it. Some of the stunts were ridiculous and were in no way realistic (straddling 2 fast moving cars while fighting with a sword? Going down three ridiculous waterfalls in a car/boat?), and I didn't think the movie was silly enough, but it was definitely entertaining.

Curtis left me the Wii to play with and I discovered how fun Wii Boxing is!!!! I think I blew out my left arm boxing, but I've won every match so far and have only been down once! It's definitely a workout and a stress reliever. I also downloaded a trivia game that was pretty fun. The next task is to get one of my game cube remotes from home so that I can play some of the old games that we have downloaded. We're also still looking for Mario Kart for Wii, and Wii Fit (let me know if you have any tips on where I can find them)!

Other than the Wii and the movie we had a nice weekend. We didn't do too much because it wasn't very warm here, but I enjoyed just hanging out w/ him because we never get to do that. We had a really good time on Sunday walking around Stanford campus with Curtis' parents. We walked from Tresidder to the Oval, to Hoover Tower and back. We went to Cheesecake Factory after so overall it was a really nice day.

I don't think I have any life updates as of yet, but if you're keeping track, I have 6 weeks of work left, aka 28 work days. I'm happy because this week is short and I have another fun weekend ahead. Adelyn and I are going to see the Sex and the City movie on Saturday and then that night my dad is flying in and we're going to hang out on Sunday before I take him up to SF as he's there for work.

With each day, I am less stressed out about where I'm going to law school, which is a blessing. I think I've made peace with it, wherever I go. I got a really nice call from a USC 1L on Friday, and she was able to answer a lot of my questions, and it turned out that we had a lot in common. She actually is going to be in the same clinic that I want to be in if I go to USC, so it's a good connection to have. Plus I just got a really good vibe from her and her experiences, so it definitely made the prospect of going to USC even better.

Curtis and I are excited that we're going to be married in less than a year, I think the next big milestone will be 9 months, which is the end of August, right when I start law school. It's a little scary, just because it's such a big deal and is a huge life-changing event, but I'm very excited and confident that we're going to have wonderful marriage.

That's all for now, have a great week!

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