Thursday, May 29, 2008

My Shoe Crisis

So I'm having a wedding shoe crisis. At first the only concern I had was that they be comfortable and wearable for the entire day. So on the day I ordered me dress we also went over and bought my shoes. So other than a few details, I had what I was going to wear the day of the wedding.
But after recently looking at pictures of brides with different colored shoes on (for example, one of my friends wore blue shoes as her "something blue"), I had the idea to get a pair of fabulous pink strappy sandals. Because, who am I if I don't incorporate something pink into my bridal gear? Plus it makes for a fun detail picture where you show my pink shoes, and a way to stand out from the bridesmaids who will probably be wearing white shoes.
There are 2 problems with this. First I have a big of a timing problem because my dress is due to be here in June/July and will need to be altered, the hem in particular. So I need to decide on shoes in the next month so that the hem is adjusted properly.

Second, because it's so late in the season, it's hard to find pink shoes. One option is to get a pair dyed pink from David's Bridal, but then they aren't very unique, except that they're pink. I guess I could have 2 different pairs of shoes - the pair I already have and the "fun pair". But at this point I'm brainstorming and looking at a lot of different shoe websites to see if anything catches my eye. Let me know if you see anything!

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