Thursday, May 15, 2008

Updates - 5/15/08

First - Happy Birthday Curtis!!!! For the next 3 months he will be 23 and I will be 22. And, in a year and one week from now, we will be getting married!
the old guy in D.C.

Second - The poll is still active. As you can see the answers are mixed, so if you haven't done so yet please go vote. I'm just trying to get some outside perspective, it's not the basis for my decision (although we were floating the idea of just flipping a coin).

Law School Updates:
Pretty much the same as before. I haven't decided between USC and GW and I probably won't hear from Georgetown until the beginning of June, if at all. Fortunately, I don't have to put another deposit down until early June, so there's really no reason to fret about the decision right now (other than that I can't help myself). My new idea to help me make a decision is to record each day which school I'm leaning towards (GW or USC), and then when I hit the next deposit deadline (June 16th, unless I decide earlier), I'll see how I've felt from day to day (see sidebar called "My Indecision 2008"). Today I'm leaning more towards USC, and I started looking at areas where Curtis and I would live after we got married.

We booked a wedding photographer on Saturday! His name is Jim Kennedy. Click here for his blog. We're planning to take engagement pictures in July so I'll make sure those get posted here when we get them back. I'm close to a decision on bridesmaid dresses (not sure what's holding me back really). So as far as a current to do list, we have:
- gather addresses for Save-the-Dates
- book florist
- book hair/makeup
- design the cake
- decide on menus
- Try on dress when it comes in for alterations
- do our marriage counseling sessions and start planning the ceremony content/music
- choose invitations (surprisingly difficult)
- actually book the church (we're not in a hurry b/c no one does weddings there)
- start looking into reception music

I'm happy that I'll be off for a few weeks to work on this stuff. It's a long way off but as of July-August the wedding will be less than a year away, which means vendors start getting booked. And as much as I love the fact that our wedding is on a holiday weekend, it's a popular date for weddings so there is some competition.

Work is really really slow right now. I feel like I should be getting stuff organized for my transition out but I'm completely unmotivated. So hopefully it will pick up in the next few weeks so I can have a good last few weeks.

Last weekend was fun, I was in Orange County. I was down there for Mothers' Day but I ended up being able to watch my brother play baseball and see my Grandmother. Overall it was great to get away. I'm not sure what I'm doing this weekend to be honest. I'm thinking about doing Bay to Breakers with some tridelt alums I know, since I've never done it and it could be a fun way to see the city before I leave. But we'll see, it's really hot up here right now so options are limited. Plus I need to try and get in gym time over the weekends because it's hard to be motivated to go during the week.

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