Monday, May 19, 2008

(brief) Monday Updates - 5/19/08

7 weeks left at work! I'm trying to start transitioning my cases to the other paralegals, so they aren't overwhelmed when they are left by themselves. I'm feeling more productive today, so hopefully that will continue through the week.

Law school is still in a holding pattern - right now I'm leaning towards USC, and I'm starting to grow weary of moving to D.C., even for Georgetown, but I'm still thinking. I guess the convenience of staying in Southern California is starting to manifest itself, as I'm going through the process of cleaning stuff out of my apartment.

I'm excited because Curtis is coming up on Friday, which is also our -1 anniversary. I'm still thinking of something special to celebrate the fact that we'll be married one year from Friday. Plus I'm happy that a 3 day weekend is coming.

That's it for now, more later this week.

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