Sunday, November 23, 2008


After sleeping 13 hours on Thursday, 9 on Friday, and 9 on Saturday night, I realized that there might be something to all of this sleep. After consulting with one of my law school friends and Google, I think I am "stress sleeping".

According to what I read, there are two ways that stress can affect sleep. In the first, you fret about what's going on in your life and lose sleep, and in the second, you suppress your feelings and end up sleeping more, because that's the only way the body can process all the anxiety. It looks like this week I am in the second category. It truly is amazing how easily I can fall asleep these days. The only problem is I get tired really easily (like at 6:30 PM, which was the time I went to bed on Thursday) and there's still a lot to get done before time finals start. So with the help of some kind of stimulant and a well-organized schedule, I'm hoping to remain well-rested and still be ready for finals by Dec. 9th.

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~Marjorie said...

Hum, thats interesting! Thanks for that it sure helped me!