Wednesday, November 19, 2008

1 month

In one month from now, I'll be done with my first semester of law school! It's crazy how fast the time has gone, and it's crazy how much I need to learn/understand/memorize in the next four weeks.

In other news, I was very happy that I wasn't sore today when I went for my walk/run. I'm trying to go 6 days a week but I had to take 3 days off because the air quality from the fires. I think that those 3 days were good for my legs to heal because I've been really sore/still lately. One thing I've found that is really good for my upper body is Wii Boxing. My skill level is about 720, I haven't lost a fight yet, but the problem is the next day I'm really sore, so I'm hoping I can do it more often during the week so I can still lift my arms the following day.

That's all for now :-)

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