Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Goodbye to TV

So yesterday I spent the evening not working on my outline like I had hoped, but on getting a last binge of TV in before life gets even busier. I caught up on Gossip Girl (4-5 episodes, I lost count), watched Dancing with the Stars, and then got rid of the season passes for all of my daily shows: PTI, Daily Show, Colbert, Oprah, and The View. I'm trying to cut out as many potential distractions as possible, and I'm also trying to make sure I have enough space on my DVR to save episodes of Brothers & Sisters and Desperate Housewives to watch during the winter break. At least I feel like I got a good "last hurrah" in before I have to focus 90% on school.

In other news, the air quality was good enough to open a window last night so I was able to fall asleep (it was really hot in my room w/o any windows open and I don't have any windows in there). I'll start walking again tomorrow morning.

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