Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Tuesday Updates - 7/8/08

I missed Monday because I was on the road for most of the day driving from San Francisco to Mission Viejo. The drive went really well - got home in 7 hours. I've pretty much been relaxing since.

Today is my Dad's Birthday! My mom and I took him to lunch in San Clemente. Festivities continue when he gets home.

I'm officially home, but I only have a few free days before I head out to Palm Desert with Curtis. I'm so excited to get away and spend a few days laying by the pool. I had a great last week up north. Between staying with Adelyn for 3 nights and spending the 4th weekend with Melis and Juls, it was just so fun and I'm exhausted! I'm happy that I can sleep on my home bed for a few days. I finally bought a new digital camera so I have pictures, but I'll post the rest of those later today or tomorrow.

Anyway, I'll reflect more on this later, because it's really surreal that I'm done with work. I think part of my thinks I'll be back next week!

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