Monday, March 3, 2008

Monday Updates - 3/3/08

Stanford Men's Hoops:
We beat both Washington and Washington State this weekend, we honored the seniors on Saturday which made me more than a little teary, and this week we travel to LA for the first of likely 3 consecutive SoCal trips for the UCLA and USC games. (the other trips being the Pac-10 tournament and and the 1st/2nd rounds of the NCAA tournament, given that we are a top-4 seed). I've really enjoyed watching the team this season and I will be sad when it's all over.

After work on Friday I met up with 3 of my tridelt friends at Blue Chalk to check out the ivy league mixer. We ended up ditching it to go get frozen yogurt instead, lol. Then I went to airport to pick Curtis up and we spent the weekend together. We ate a PF Chang's on Friday, CPK on Saturday and Stacks on Sunday (yes we like to eat). Other than that we mostly layed around my apartment, watching college basketball and playing on his new MacBook Pro :-).

Daylight Savings:
So apparently Saylight Savings begins March 9th. Unfortunately that means 1 less hour that day to relax. I don't remember it happening so early in spring, but oh well, I get to leave work while it's still light out.

Law School:
I'm still waiting to hear from Davis, Cornell, and Stanford. I suppose Stanford could be any day now and I'm getting quite impatient. Cornell and Davis both have status checkers and neither have changed in the last few weeks. Curtis and I booked our trip to DC to visit GW, Gtown and do the whole DC tourist thing so I'm looking forward to that mini vacation. Right now USC is a pretty good option, I'm going to their preview day in mid-April. I gotta say, the idea of being able to go to law school in SoCal, at a well-reputed school, in the region where I want to practice, is hard to resist.

Nothing new of note this week, probably because Curtis was here :-). But I'm hoping to hear from my cousin Courtney soon because she was planning to go try on bridesmaid dresses this past weekend. I did get some sample save-the-dates in that Curtis and I both liked. They're pretty simple but they're cheap and easy to design and order (they're from Just for fun I put a picture from our high school graduation on the save-the-dates, and everyone thinks it's a recent picture! I have to keep telling people, "actually, that was from 5 years ago!"

This week:
This week I'm really going to try and focus on 3 things -
1. Being very productive at work
2. Getting my letter to Georgetown done, now that I'm for sure paying the admissions office a visit
3. Finishing my financial aid applications

That's all for now :-)

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