Thursday, March 20, 2008

We Won One!

Hilarious picture of Cornell's coach and the "unofficial" mascot during the first half.
Courtesy of AP Photo/Matt Sayles

Stanford has won the first game of the NCAA tournament, defeating Cornell 77 to 53 !!! Such a step up from our first round appearance last year. Our team clearly came to play - all of our players got minutes, including our freshman, Josh Owens :-). Anthony Goods had a really good shooting game, and our leading scorer was Downtown Kenny Brown(18 pts), as our starters were able to rest up for their 2nd round game against Marquette on Saturday. I am so excited that I have tickets to this game on Saturday in Anaheim. I was a season ticket holder all year and now get to attend a tournament game for the first time (I'm already planning my outfit - I'm thinking 6th Man shirt, Stanford jacket, and UCLA Jersey).

My bracket is doing well so far, out of 8 games I got 7 right, missing the Baylor/Purdue matchup (Purdue won). But tonight I'll have a better idea where I stand.

Onward and upward!

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