Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Law School Update

For those of you following along, I have a few more tidbits of news on the law school front:

USC Scholarship: I received a scholarship offer of $20,000/year from USC, which was thrilling. It's the best scholarship offer I've received so far, which is ironic since it's also the best school I've gotten into so far, lol. Given that I will be living with Curtis after my first year, it looks like if I go to USC I might be able to limit my total loan amount to less than $100,000, which means that I could pay off that loan sooner and Curtis and I can buy a house. Attending USC is looking better and better...

Schools Still Pending: I'm still waiting on Stanford, Cornell and Davis. I don't really care about Davis anymore since I got into USC. Waiting for Stanford is rather fustrating because the chances of being accepted are so low, yet I think because I am a Stanford undergrad alum I was roped in with the huge pool of people that they are re-evaluating in April. Curtis and I decided from the beginning that if I get into Stanford then he's moving up here, so his job is waiting for an answer from them too. Cornell is another story: I sent Stanford my deans certification on Feb. 5 and it got returned in the mail to me last Thursday as undelivered by the postal service. So it's going to be another 3 weeks or so until my application is complete. At least Cornell isn't high on my priority list since I didn't intend to apply in the first place (and I'm not too excited about being in Ithaca, NY). But at the same time it is a top-14 school so I'd like to at least get an answer.

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