Sunday, March 16, 2008

Monday Updates - 3/17/08

First off, Happy St. Patrick's Day! I feel like it's the one time every year that I get to brag about my Irish-ness. I even bought a new green shirt for the occasion. I'm not sure I'll be actually celebrating, but I will enjoy some festivities at work I'm sure.

Stanford Basketball:
Exciting week for my team - We got 2 decisive wins in the Pac-10 tournament against Arizona & Wazzu. We weren't able to pull it out against UCLA but it wouldn't have mattered much anyway. Curtis and I watched the Selection Show on CBS today and Stanford is in the South region. Fortunately, the way the tourney works is that if you're a top 4 seed you get to play in the location closest to your school on the first weekend. Stanford is a 3-seed, so we are playing in ANAHEIM! Since I was travelling there for the weekend anyway since it's Easter, I got tickets for the Saturday games. Hopefully it will be Stanford vs. the winner of the Kentucky/Marquette game and UCLA vs. the winner of the BYU/Texas A&M game. Then I will be very proud to say that I watched a Stanford tourney game. I keep teasing Curtis that if Stanford makes the final four we're going to leave DC early and fly to San Antonio for the games :-).

I had such a last-minute fun weekend. On Thursday night Curtis decided that he couldn't wait until next weekend to see me so he flew up on Friday night. We went to In-N-Out on Friday and then watched the Stanford-Wazzu game, then on Saturday we went to Stacks, had a little UCLA-Stanford viewing party (loser buys dinner), and went to PF Chang's for dinner. Sunday we went to Hobee's for brunch, walked around the mall a little while and then came back to watch the selection show. We capped the weekend of with a trip to CPK ASAP and then I took him to the airport. I will say that it's nice saying goodbye to him knowing that I will see him in 5 days.

This week:
Other than the 1st round games on Thursday and Friday, there isn't much exciting going on around work. The person who has been filling in as a paralegal is leaving this week so that will be sad, I'm hoping that we can do something fun to see her off. I am looking forward to going home on Friday - Easter is one of my favorite holidays and I'll get to see a lot of family (the picture at the beginning of this post is my cousin Taylor, from a few years ago). Plus, of my cousins who lives in PA is coming out for the weekend to hang out, so I'm looking forward to seeing him.

That's all for now!

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