Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Tuesday Updates - 2/19/08

(I realize that I promised Monday updates, but given the holiday weekend situation Tuesday was more appropriate)

General: I took Friday off and had a 4 day vacation in Mission Viejo. It was very relaxing - I got a ton of sleep, watched 4 college basketball games (stanford-arizona =), syracuse-gtown :-) , usc-ucla :-), and syracuse-louisville :-( ), tried on a bunch of wedding dresses, and hung out with the family. I will probably be back in town for Easter weekend.

Stanford Basketball: My team one 1 of 2 on the road in Arizona this weekend, but they are still ranked #9. Lunardi has us as a 2 seed right now in the East. As long as we stay a top-4 seed, we will play our first rounds in Anaheim at the Honda Center! From what I've heard I can get tickets through Stanford as a season ticket holder so I'm hoping that's true, since the first round is scheduled for Easter weekend! This week we play kal on Sunday at home, so we better win. Then we have the home Washington/Wazzu games, and then our last Pac-10 games before the 10 tournament are in LA.

Law School: same as before - we're booking our D.C. trip this week! I'm also attending Santa Clara's Minority Day on Saturday.

Wedding: I think this has already been covered in my last 2 posts, but expect more info. later this week :-)

Television: Now that the writers are done striking I'm hoping to get my scripted shows back in a few months. But, Big Brother 9 started last week so that will occupy my time as it is on 3 days a week. This crop of contestants is the craziest ever (and stupidest, some of these people are as dumb as rocks) so it should be interesting. I will say, as much as I want to be on this show I'm glad I'm not on it this season because it is a freak show. I also watched the final of American Gladiators (totally predictable) and the premiere of My Dad is Better Than Your Dad (surprisingly amusing).

I think that's all - have a good week!

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