Monday, February 25, 2008

Monday Updates - 2/25/08

First and most importantly - Stanford sports:

Stanford Basketball!!!
We beat kal yesterday, decisively :-). New national rankings are not out yet but I see no reason why we would not stay in the top ten. I was very happy to see Anthony Goods have a good night. I will say the fouls seemed to go in our favor, but lets be honest: Cal really never got it together in that game. It was also fun at halftime to watch a 5 on 5 game, football coaches vs. football players. I think the final score was 5 to 2, coaches.

My favorite play of the game can be viewed here. It's the crowd favorite, Taj Finger, dunking over 2 Cal players: I'm really going to miss watching him play.

Stanford Football
I got an interesting email today: "Stanford Football on the move!"

Great things are happening in the Stanford football program! What a tremendous feeling it was for our team to beat USC in the Coliseum and to recapture the Axe in the 110th Big Game against Cal. As our players and coaches now begin preparing for the 2008 season, we will build on these successes and work to achieve the goals we have set for ourselves.

One of these goals is to put the Cardinal in a position to succeed not only at the conference level, but also at the national level. Many factors will contribute to our achieving this success, including establishing a greater home field advantage at Stanford Stadium. The first step in accomplishing this will be relocating the Stanford team bench from the east side (sunny side) to the west side (shady side) of the stadium, where the visiting team bench is currently located. This move will benefit our team and coaches by placing them in the shade during day games and is consistent with the home bench location of our opponents.

Moving our team to the shady side will necessitate moving the visiting team to the sunny side, in front of the section that has been designated historically for the Red Zone (student section). The Pac-10 Conference prohibits students from sitting behind the visiting team bench. To comply with this rule, the student seating section must be moved from its current location on the east sideline (sections 134–140) to the southwest corner (sections 105, 106, and 108) and the west sideline (sections 109–111).

As a result of this move, all of our season ticket holders in sections 106–111 will need to be relocated. Our loyal season ticket holders who must be relocated will be offered the first opportunity to select new seating locations once all renewals have been processed. More details about the relocation process for season ticket holders in the affected area will be provided when the renewal process begins in March. We recognize the inconvenience these changes have caused and we assure you that the athletic ticket office will work with them to find satisfactory seating.

Many thanks for your commitment to Cardinal football. We are excited about the relocation of the home team bench and the benefits it will provide our student-athletes, and we hope we can count on your continued support throughout the process.

I look forward to seeing you at Stanford Stadium for our season opener on August 28!

Jim Harbaugh
The Bradford M. Freeman Director of FootballHead Football Coach

I think it's great that the team is moving to the shady side, I never understood the tradition of making OUR team be 10 degrees warmer than the visiting team while on the bench. And I think the students will appreciate the shady side seats.

On the other hand, the current shady side folks will be quite unhappy that they're moving the section, I'm sure people will come out and talk about the number of years they've been a season ticket holder and are therefore entitled to keep their seat. Plus student tailgaters will have to make a longer trek from the beer to their seats, so they might never make it there ;-). Unfortunately I might not be able to attend a game this year so I'll have to see how this unfolds from my TV :-(.

Weekend Recap:

On Saturday morning I went to Santa Clara for "Minority Law Day". Fortunately the weather wasn't as bad as expected this weekend as I was in San Jose both days. My morning at Santa Clara was fun, and it made me realize that Santa Clara law is not for me.

After that I went to Paper Source ( at Santana Row becuase they were having demonstrations of fun ways to make your own wedding invitations/save-the-dates, and favor boxes. It was really crowded but it did inspire me to add creative elements to all of the wedding stationary. Juls and I went back there on Sunday to look around some more, get ideas, but I think we decided that we're going to look elsewhere for more affordable paper or printing options, because the idea of printing out and then cutting 75 invites didn't seem very appealing.

On Saturday night I rented Michael Clayton & Elizabeth: The Golden Age. I have to say, Michael Clayton was pretty good. I liked George Clooney in that role (although I don't think it was much of a stretch) and Tilda Swinton was really good, definitely deserving of her Oscar for that role. Elizabeth wasn't nearly as good as the first movie. I think the writing was quite disappointing because they took what could be a compelling story and made it drag on, frequently interrupted by this love triangle that was predictable and unremarkable.

On Sunday Juls and I went Bridesmaid dress shopping (with this post I am revealing who one of my Bridesmaids is, my good friend from Stanford - Juls!) at David's Bridal. We had a lot of success and found a batch of dresses that we both liked and were very flattering.

So now I'm back at work, but I have a lot to look forward to: the last 2 home games (including the return of Tim Morris to Maples), a visit from Curtis, Cardinal Young Alum Happy Hour at Blue Chalk, and better weather.

Happy Monday!

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