Monday, February 11, 2008

Monday Monday - 2/11/08

Monday Updates

Saturday I had brunch w/ Adelyn at Consuelos in Santa Row which was as always, delicious. We roamed around Santana Row and then I headed home, read all of my law school mail, had a Starubucks Cafe Vanilla Frapp to celebrate Georgetown, and then went to the Stanford-Oregon State Basketball game (more on that below). Sunday I hung out w/ Juls! We went to a bridal show and then walked around and had lunch in downtown Pleasanton, which is really charming. The weather this weekend was really amazing, I drove around with the top down in my car quite a bit.

Stanford BBall:
The Card had another great weekend, winning our 7th straight game. CBS has us ranked 7, we'll see what AP/ESPN do soon. the Pac-10 all around had an interesting weekend. We beat Oregon badly, and they turned around and beat Kal by 23 points. We had some trouble with Oregon State in the first half, but then our offense woke up and we beat them easily. The way they threw our guards off though doesn't bode well for the NCAA tournament, but I continue to keep my fingers crossed. Washington beat UCLA yesterday, which is good for Stanford but obviously bad for the Bruins and probably bad for the conference, since UW will be lucky to get into the NIT this year. And ASU beat Arizona, which I was very happy to see becuase Arizona is overrated I think, they get too many kudos for their strength of schedule. So now we play the Arizona schools this week in Arizona, and I'm very hopeful that we will pull out a win in both games.

Law School Watch:
As I said in my last post, I got rejected from UW and wait-listed by G-Town. So, I am definitely planning a trip to DC to see GW, American, and G-Town since it's very possible that I will end up there. I am still waiting on Davis, UCLA, USC, Stanford, and now Cornell, so it is by no means over, but I have made some headway. I freaked myself out on Saturday night by going on a law school message board and hearing all these terrible things about wait lists. But I'm trying to take everything with a grain of salt. As much as I want to go to Georgetown I am prepared to never hear from them ever again. I believe that you go where you are supposed to go, so I'm not too worried. But I am working on a letter to send to Georgetown indicating that I really want to go there, so at least I will be able to say I tried.

I am very excited because this Friday my mom and I are officially kicking off the search for the DRESS. This was something that I wasn't really excited about when we first got engaged, but I'm surprising myself by how much I really care about this aspect. I've found a handful of dresses that I'm in love with and can't wait to try on. Juls and I went to a bridal show yesterday and I got to see a lot of photographers. It was good to get an idea of what I like and dislike, even though I won't be using a photographer from the area, except for maybe the engagment pictures. There was also a fashion show put on by one of the bridal boutiques. I saw a lot of bridesmaid dress styles that I like. All in all the show was fun, it's fun to play the Bride-to-Be. In other news, Curtis is putting together a wedding website, so I will keep this blog posted as far as its progress.

I am planning to dye my hair blonde this summer - just for fun, as soon as our engagement pictures are taken. The more I think about the more excited I get, I guess I'm just ready to do something a little wild before I head back to school. The good thing is my mom and Curtis actually think it's a fun idea, which gave me a little more confidence. But I'll make sure to post pictures of that on facebook, etc. when that happens :-).

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