Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Yesterday was a little too weird to put it all together for a blog post -- I feel much better this morning.

Basically since my last update I've been studying all the time. My friend Aysha would come over after school, we'd make dinner, talk through a class, and be done at around 11PM. It's tiring to say the least, so I was happy to sleep in this morning. I think my parents were worried when they didn't hear from me for several days!

I had my first final yesterday morning, Contracts. The one annoying thing about our finals schedule is that even though you have to be there by 8:20, but you actually have to be there even earlier so that you can get a seat you want (something either in the front or on an edge so you're not in between a ton of people frantically typing). Between that and the insomnia that I got the night before, I was running on coke zero and a little coffee (and there are no breaks during the exam).

The great thing about the final was that with the exception of a few concepts on the multiple choice, I didn't feel like I was struggling to remember everything on the exam. Everything was pretty intuitive and it was stuff that I had practiced a lot the day before. Unlike yesterday's exam, the rest of my exams are mostly open book (some multiple choice sections aren't) so I'll be able to spend more time understanding the concepts.

After the final two of my friends and I went to an Asian fusion restaurant in downtown LA that was really good...we were able to get some good laughs in over lunch before we headed home to sleep and start studying again.

Next is LLE (law, language, and ethics) on Friday morning, which is basically a philosophy course on theories of law and theories of adjudication. I'll let you know how it goes!

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