Monday, December 8, 2008


I wasn't going to post today because my first final is tomorrow (I'm feeling good about this one - Contracts), but I did want to acknowledge that today is the first anniversary of my engagement to Curtis! It's amazing how fast this year went by. Click here for the blog post from last year detailing my surprise at Disneyland. :-)

Earlier this semester Curtis and I decided to hold off on a celebration until I'm done with finals, but yesterday I changed my mind and if all goes well with studying today we're going to do a quick dinner out tonight.

Have a good day! Hopefully if I'm still in a good mood tomorrow I'll post a Tuesday Updates and do a post-game on my first law school final.


sam c.hart jr said...

Glad you decided to celebrate. Good Luck on your Final

Addy said...

the year certainly has flown :D

Hope finals continue to go well!