Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tuesday Updates - 8/26/08

Ok, ok, I realize that I failed horribly in my attempt to put out a Monday update. In my defense, I was at school until 7:15, and then I wanted to unpack and hang out with Curtis while he was visiting. So, you get Monday updates on Tuesday :-). 

My last week of freedom:
Well...it wasn't completely free. I was running around last Monday like a chicken with my head cut off trying to get all of the admin stuff done so I wouldn't have to make the drive another day. On Wednesday night my mom and I m
et with the florist for the wedding! We had such a fun time thinking about all of the decorations and bouquets! I was glad we got that done before we started school. My mom and I went to dinner together afterward and that was really fun. 

On Thursday I did a lot of organizing, trying to get ready for the move. On Friday I had my other day of orientation. It was actually really fun because we got to go around with our section so I got to meet the people that I'd be spending a ton of time with. Saturday was moving day - which went quite smoothly actually. We had a pretty large group - my family plus Grandpa, Curtis and his parents, and Louis for a little while. Everything fit in elevator (yay!) and it looks really nice in here. I haven't completely unpacked yet (see the section on law school), but it feels like home :-)

Sunday was a really fun last day - we celebrated my mom's birthday with a yummy breakfast and dinner and cake! I got a little creative with the cake decor, here's the final product pre-candles: 
Then Curtis and I said goodbye and drove to LA. 

So I mentioned the florist earlier...I also have made a tentative decision on the Save-the-Dates: I think I'm going to try and send them via email - to save paper and postage, and time really addressing them. I hope to get that going over the long weekend. I'm giving myself a deadline of Nov. 1 for deciding on Bridesmaid Dresses, so I'll keep you posted on that. I also need to find a way to get the music component of the day going - if any of you readers are O.C. brides and have a recommendation, please let me know (for live music for cocktail hour and a DJ for the reception). I also have to officially let the church know that I want to have the wedding there - so I hope to do that this weekend. The sanctuary is actually being remodeled right now and won't be done for at least 6 weeks, so we really can't plan a whole lot until we know what the end result looks like! It's ironic that I've been going to this church since I was 6 and they're remodeling it 9 months before my wedding. 

Law School: 
So I started law school yesterday! It's very exciting, and a bit surreal just because it's been a lifelong dream to go to law school. I'll give a brief summary of all the classes I've attended so far (Procedure doesn't start until Thursday)
- Contracts: this was my first class, and so far it's been an overview of the course. My prof. made a really good first impression so I'm hopeful that I'll enjoy the class and be able to understand the material
- Law, Language & Ethics: From what I've read so far, I think we'll get to read a lot of interesting cases. Like for tomorrow we have to read the first half of the D.C. Handgun law decision (where the Supreme Court ruled that the 2nd amendment does not allow for a city/state to impose laws that restrict the possession of weapons), and I'm pretty sure we go over big cases like Dred Scott & Brown v. Board of Education. So, again, I'm optimistic that I will enjoy the class. The concepts seem more challenging than torts or contracts, so we'll see. 
- Legal Research and Writing: Not too much to say, except that this is a really important class in terms of what I'll be doing next summer, the summer after, and as a lawyer. I'm glad USC has such a class :-).  
- Torts: I think I'm going to love this class. We spent almost the entire time discussing 2 hypotheticals, and I even answered one of his questions correctly! 
Overall, I think my impressions of my classes will change in the next couple weeks as we get into more substantive topics, but so far so good!

Studying wise, it looks like I'll be putting in 9-11 hour days at the law school, partly because those books are too heavy to bring home :-) The good thing is it gets better as the week progresses.  

That's all for now! I'll *try* to keep the blog posted! 

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