Monday, August 18, 2008

Monday Updates - 8/18/08

Ok - so today has been a really big day. So I'll get through the other stuff and then get to the USC orientation stuff. 

Wedding - Hoping to meet with a probably florist this week, I'll keep you posted. 

The past week - as you probably gathered, I got a little bored this week - which was perfect since I'm about to not be so bored. I've been working on this Paint By Numbers project, which is actually almost done, I think I'll try to finish tomorrow. I'd also like to try and do some running before the crazy weekend. 

Last Weekend - Had a good (and very busy) weekend. Curtis and I went to the Spectrum again on Friday night and ate at Javier's which is a relatively new Mexican restaurant there. The food was pretty good but the service was very slow and the drinks were only okay. On Saturday Curtis and I took a load of stuff up to the new apartment and put the table and chairs together. We then got back to Mission Viejo just in time for our families to have dinner together at Curtis', which was very nice and we had a great time. Then on Sunday my family and Curtis went to my Grandparents' for dinner to celebrate my mom's birthday. I had fun spending time with my little cousins and I think they had fun too :-). 

We actually didn't get home until 9:30 because the traffic on the 5 was so bad that we turned around and spent another hour at my grandparents - and the traffic was still bad. So I immediately went home and went to sleep since I had to get up at 6 the following morning for...

Orientation (or, "Pre - " Orientation) - Monday was very long. But I'll be honest, it got me fired up to start school. I had quite the reality check when I bought my books - $890 for 12 books. I'm still sore from transporting them to my car. And yes, that's just for 1 semester. I already have some assignments and some confusion, but overall it was a really good experience and I met a handful of my classmates. 

I have a few funny stories. I asked one of the current students where the cashier's office is, and she looks at the map and goes "'s on the complete other side of campus", as if that was like going to be bad. So i was like, "should I drive" and she said "oh no, it's easier to walk, not sure about parking". And so I head out, and it turns out that it's like, a 10 minute walk to the other side of campus. That is nothing compared to most campuses I've been on. It takes at least 30 minutes to cross the main Stanford campus, and UCLA isn't exactly small either. So, I'm not as concerned about making the walk to the gym after class anymore, since the entire campus is about 3 standard street blocks wide. 

We also had a funny moment with a couple of current students. They asked us who our profs were and I responded. They had really good things to say about 2 of my professors (they didn't know the others), so I was happy. Then someone else provided their professors and she was like "oh..." in that negative way. We all laughed, and were like, "quit now while you still can!". 

I'm sure I'll have more later, right now I'm pretty fried :-). 

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