Monday, August 11, 2008

Monday Updates - 8/11/08

Yay I'm doing Monday Updates!!

Apartment - 
Today I drove up to my new apartment in LA to be there for the sofa/love seat delivery and the Time Warner installation. It went pretty smoothly, I was able to unpack all of my kitchen stuff and some of my warm weather clothes. Both deliveries went very well. The furniture movers were worried that they would have to carry my sofa up 13 stories worth of stairs (not my problem, but still...that would suck) but in the end they were able to just barely fit the sofa in the elevator.  I'll probably try to go back up there later this week and take more stuff. I'd like to have everything moved in except for the major furniture before the 23rd since I start class on the 25th. Everything is starting to look really good in there so I'm very excited about driving up there to stay. 

Here are a few pictures of the new stuff :-) 

I think I have an idea of where I want all of my framed stuff to be, and I'm excited to put it up so I'm not just looking at bare (albeit beautifully painted) walls. 

Law School - 
Not much new on the law school front, getting my schedule was pretty much the high point of the summer as far as school is concerned. I'm sure I'll have much more to report once I attend orientation on the 18th. 

Wedding - 
Doing some work on the guest list and I'm hoping to meet up with a potential florist (who comes highly recommended by like, everyone I know) this week. We have also started our official wedding website, which is a very exciting endeavor. It'll be included on our save-the-dates, so we hope to have it ready to go by September when those go out. Other than that the planning has slowed down a little bit, and I should really devote some time before finals roll around. At least I also have 3 weeks at Christmas. 

How I've been spending my time - 

One problem this summer has been my wake-up times. My room is at the front of the house, so while my brother was still in school the bus woke me up at 7:30. If it isn't the bus it's the garbage trucks on Monday mornings (which is like, the worst sound you could ever wake up to), and sometimes the telephone. So I don't really feel like I've caught up on sleep while I've been home, but I still have a few more weeks, and if you read my law school schedule, you'll see that I won't be waking up at the crack of dawn. 

The Olympics have been very good to me. It's given me something to do that doesn't require much brain power. I've also been helping a lot in the kitchen, loading and unloading the dishwasher, etc. With the arrival of my new MacBook (yes! I got a beautiful new MacBook!) I've been in front of the computer a lot more, which I can live with since compared to work and compared to the upcoming 3 years, I'm really not as attached. I hung out with my brother on Saturday night and Sunday morning while my parents went to a wedding, and that was actually really fun and easy. I was happy that I felt comfortable taking care of him and he felt comfortable conveying to me what he needed. So overall it's been an interesting summer. I've had boring moments but for the most part I've been pretty busy so it's gone fast.

This Week - 
Today was a big day with the appointments in LA. Like I mentioned before I'll probably try and go back later this week. On Saturday night my family is having dinner at the Harts, and then on Sunday afternoon we're heading down to my Grandparents' for my mom's birthday celebration. I'll get to see my little cousins for the first time in awhile so I'm excited about that. I'll try to get some pictures I can put up. 

That's all for now - have a good week! 

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