Monday, August 4, 2008

Pictures - Apartment!

On Friday we worked hard to paint the apartment! My dad is a skilled edger.

My mom did the shelf and drawer liners for the kitchen and the closet. (Our walk-in closet includes a dresser and a large mirror!)

More rolling :-)

Jon was so good all day - we were there for 9 hours!

A good view from the front room of the kitchen.

More painting....

My dad did this :-)
But I did the smiley face :-) I thought it was appropriate for the color.
I took this picture yesterday when we went back to evaluate the work. I really like how the colors turned out!

The new shower curtain.

The front room after we took all the tape off. We're really happy with it!

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Addy said...

It looks beautiful! Can't wait until I can actually visit it :)