Wednesday, April 2, 2008

D.C. Tomorrow!

I realize that I haven't yet posted this week, and since I'm about to embark on a whirlwind adventure to the District of Columbia I should probably post something short and sweet about what's going on in my life.

My weekend was nice and relaxing - I had to watch my team lose on Friday night, but after a good cry I was able to move on. Saturday was an odd day, I had a bad allergic reaction (to what? who knows) so I had to take a few benedryl at about 5 PM. By 6:30 I was out like a light and I ended up sleeping until 8:15 the following morning. But Sunday was fun - I went to the Great Mall (cross that off my list!) and bought a pair of tennis shoes for the trip, a new workout outfit from the Nike outlet, a pair of jeans from the Gap outlet ($18!) and 2 shirts from Old Navy. I'm definitely going to go back there in a few weeks, just for the Gap and Nike outlets! Then I hit the gym and geared up for the week.

I've been prepping for this trip by looking at Metro maps, contacting GW and Georgetown about my visit, and talking to friends who have spent some time in the city to get good restaurant ideas. On the plane Curtis and I are going to make a list of everything we want to see (well, he wants to see since he's never been) so that we'll be able to fill our time. Of course, we also have to go watch the UCLA game, which is at 6 PM, so we're hoping to get to a sports bar early for that. It's supposed to rain on Friday and Saturday so we'll probably do museums and maybe Arlington Cemetery on Saturday and the National Mall/Great Basin Cherry Blossoms on Sunday.

Anyway, I'm very excited, it should be quite an adventure. Stay tuned for pictures!

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