Friday, November 18, 2011

Bar Results Tonight

Tonight at 8:00 my time in Alabama (6 PM California), I will find out if I passed the California Bar Exam.  If I passed, I will likely send an email out to close friends and family tonight, and probably even post on this blog.  If I failed, and it was all a complete waste of time and money (since I don't live in California anymore), I'm not sure how I will feel like getting the word out, but will probably post that by Monday.

I feel good about it, but as of tonight it won't matter how I'll feel, because I will know :-) I'm not going to lie, I am nervous, as hard as it is to pass that exam, and as many distractions as there were around that exam, my pride will be a little (okay a lot) hurt if I didn't pass.

If you're curious about other CA Bar-takers, the pass list goes public on Sunday morning. Info is here:

(I am holding back my Thankful post today in case I get good news tonight)

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