Friday, November 11, 2011

11/11 I am thankful for...

Having a flexible work schedule! I am essentially able to work anywhere and everywhere, anytime I want. Which made flying out to Stanford for the game tomorrow so feasible. I got to work early,  I'm leaving work early today, and will bring some stuff to do on the plane. It makes travel so much easier (also, I am thankful for my iPad, because bringing that for work is much better than bringing the laptop).

Big day tomorrow, Stanford vs. Oregon - if you tune in to College Gameday in the morning you might see my tired smiling face in full Stanford gear.  The game is at 5 Pacific, 8 Eastern, and will basically determine whether we have a shot at the national championship.  I will be siting with my friends Juls and Andy, and my parents will also be there.  It's arguably the biggest game in Stanford Football history, so I'm thrilled to be going. I will be back on Sunday.  Curtis and Kenny will cheer from Spanish Fort and enjoy some rest, computer games, and take-out this weekend. 

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