Thursday, November 10, 2011

11/10 I am thankful for ...

A short commute. Which is considered long by many of the locals. We live across the bay from Mobile in Spanish Fort, about 14 miles away.  If we settle here we will consider moving to Mobile since we both work there and many of our social engagements are there, but I personally really like suburban life in "Baldwin County" as they call it. 

But the 10 freeway on the bay is hardly ever backed up, so it takes me about 20 minutes door to door. I take Kenny in the morning to daycare Monday-Thursday, so that brings the trip up to about 35-40 minutes, but overall it's hard to complain about that when I think about the traffic I used to cope with in LA. Plus the drive over the Bay is very scenic - nothing like it in CA that would get you to work and back. 

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sam c.hart jr said...

Glad you have a good commute!